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In China to Chitral H.W. Bill' Tilman completes one of his great post-war journeys. He travels from Central China, crossing Sinkiang, the Gobi and Takla Makan Deserts, before escaping to a crumbling British Empire with a crossing of the Karakoram to the new nation of Pakistan. In 1951 there still persisted a legend that a vast mountain, higher than Everest, was to be found in the region, a good enough reason it seems for Tilman to traverse the land, a land shut in on three sides by vast snow ranges whose glacial streams nourish the oases and upon whose slopes the yaks and camels graze side by side; where in their felt yorts the Kirghiz and Kazak live much as they did in the days of Genghis Khan, except now they no longer take a hand in the devastation of Europe' . Widely regarded as some of Tilman's finest travel writing, China to Chitral is full of understatement and laconic humour, with descriptions of disastrous attempts on unclimbed mountains with Shipton , including Bogdo Ola an extension of the mighty Tien Shan mountains and the Chakar Aghil group near Kashgar on the old silk road. His command of the Chinese languagefive words, all referring to foodproves less than helpful in his quest to find a decent meal: fortunately, in China there are no ridiculous hygienic regulations on the sale of food' . Tilman also has several unnerving encounters with less-than-friendly tribesmen Tilman starts proper in Lanchow where he describes with some regret that he is less a traveller and more a passenger on this great traverse of the central basin and rim of mountain ranges at Asia's heart. But Tilman is one of our greatest ever travel writers, and we become a passenger to his adventurers.
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Charles Townshend achieved international fame, as a captain, when he commanded the besieged garrison at Chitral (now Pakistan) in 1895. As a result, he became known as Chitral Charlie.Decorated by Queen Victoria and lionized by the British public, his passage up through the Army was assured and, in 1916, he was given command on 6th Indian Division and sent to Mesopotamia. Here he won a series of stunning victories as his ill-supported division swept all before it in a devastating advance up the River Tigris. He triumphed brilliantly at Kurna, Amara and Kut but then, against all the tenets of military common sense, he advanced up the River Tigris to take Baghdad. By now overreached, he was confronted by a determined Turkish foe. His Division was depleted and exhausted. Townshend withdrew to Kut, where he was besieged and forced into a humiliating surrender. The mistreatment of the British POWs by the Turks only added to Townshends shame.This fascinating and objective biography examines Townshends controversial conduct during and after the siege and assesses whether his dramatic fall from grace and popularity was fair.
The Chitral Campaign

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Who, or why, or how or what? opens one of Edward Lears limericks Is the Akond of Swat? The answer to the question lies within this book - a newspapermans account of a British military expedition mounted against Chitral, Swat and Bajour in 1895. The Akond was the religious leader of Swat, an area on Indias ever turbulent north-west fronteir, renowned for its religious piety and its jealously preserved Purdah (the word literally means curtain) which was kept firmly closed against fo...
The Relief of Chitral [Illustrated Edition]

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Includes over 15 illustrations including detailed map of the area of operations. The Chitral Expedition was a military expedition in 1895 sent by the British authorities to relieve the fort at Chitral which was under siege after a local coup. After the death of the old ruler power changed hands several times. An intervening British force of about 400 men was besieged in the fort until it was relieved by two expeditions, a small one from Gilgit and a large one from Peshawar. To all who can enjoy military history this will be a fascinating book. It is written in conjunction by Captain F. E. Younghusband, formerly political officer at Chitral, and during the campaign correspondent of the Times, and his brother, Captain G. J. Younghusband, of the Guides who was with his regiment in General Low's force through the whole affair. Its information is therefore all firsthand, and as it is charmingly written, even the ordinary reader, while anathematising a few sentences of detail only interesting to soldiers, will find himself unable to lay it down. The cause of the war, the arrest of Captain Ross, the advance of General Low, Colonel Kelly's rush, the defence of Chitral, and the relief of Chitral, are all described with a lucid brevity and clearness which never fatigue. It was a wonderful little campaign; but to our minds the most interesting part of the book is the incidental proof it contains, that in spite of the success of Colonel Kelly's small force, the military authorities were in the right in their careful preparations.-The Spectator.

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Discover Series Books for Babies & Toddlers Become a world explorer! This Discover Series picture book brings the world to your door. Introduce your child to the beautiful art and architecture of China. Each of the 23 photos in this book are crisp and clear with a simple title beneath the image. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce new images, words and concepts to kids.

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China has become one of the world's leading destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) since the Chinese government opted to reform the economy and open it to foreign trade and investment. Inflows of FDI, which accelerated at the time of China's accession to the WTO in 2001, have been an important factor in promoting rapid economic growth and technological progress.

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This deeply informed and clearly written text provides a comprehensive history of China from prehistory to the present. Now updated to include recent political events and scientific research, the book focuses on the interaction of humans and their environment, tracing changes in the physical and cultural world that is home to a fifth of humankind.

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One of the most far-reaching events since the Second World War is the re-emergence of China as a world power, and its present government's willingness to open up the country to the rest of the world. This comprehensive cultural history ranges from prehistoric times to the present - from the disunity of Pre-Imperial China to the renaissance of the Sung and Tang dynasties, from the Mongol conquest to Tiananmen Square and the 1989 student revolt. By placing the modern country in historical perspective this brilliant study reveals how many continuities there are within the oldest of all civilizations.

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Originally titled Assignment China , this book portrays life in China as Mao's new revolutionary government came to power. These are the author's observations as a working reporter.