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Done Gone Wrong

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A chance to be a part of a headline-grabbing case against a drug company has lured attorney Avery Andrews back to Charleston, South Carolina. She agrees to meet with Mark Tilman, a young doctor from her hometown who seems to have something on his mind. When he doesn't show, she figures he stood her up and takes comfort in the stilt restaurant's she-crab soup. But it turns out he had a fatal car accident. Something about the crash isn't right, and Mark's father asks Avery to look into his death. Between that and digging up dirt on the wonder drug Uplift, Avery is coming up with more questions than answers. Of course, Avery isn't the only one making headlines. Back in Dacus, her mom is on live television confronting a teenager's dynamite-toting paramour in a hostage crisis at the Burger Hut, Great-Aunt Aletha is mixing it up with the now-toupeeless postman, and the son of a ghost wants vengeance. In short, it's life as usual back in Dacus, while in Charleston, Avery is forced to face demons from her past. Cathy Pickens's first mystery novel established her as a distinctive voice in the cozy tradition. In this second, readers can expect more Southern wit and charm, more courtroom drama, and even crazier antics from the folks back home, all the while falling more and more in love with this endearing heroine.
Harm Done

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A college professor's romantic relationship with one of her students, who also happens to be her best friend's son, leads to turmoil among the three in this tale of sex, suspense, and shattered dreams. Shariece Houston appears to have everything going for her: she's a successful college professor and has recently found love. The only problem is that she has to keep her relationship a secret since it's with her student Emjay Fox, who just happens to be her best friend's son. Torn between her friendship with her best friend Leandra and her love for Emjay, she must also deal with Myrick, her obsessed, serial killer ex-boyfriend who will do anything to get back the woman he loves. A tawdry, steamy, and heartpounding tale of love gone wrong, blackmail, scandal, and the secrets lovers tell one another, Harm Done is a riveting and suspenseful romance.
Statistics Done Wrong

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Scientific progress depends on good research, and good research needs good statistics. But statistical analysis is tricky to get right, even for the best and brightest of us. You'd be surprised how many scientists are doing it wrong. Statistics Done Wrong is a pithy, essential guide to statistical blunders in modern science that will show you how to keep your research blunder-free. You'll examine embarrassing errors and omissions in recent research, learn about the misconceptions and scientific politics that allow these mistakes to happen, and begin your quest to reform the way you and your peers do statistics. You'll find advice on: Asking the right question, designing the right experiment, choosing the right statistical analysis, and sticking to the plan How to think about p values, significance, insignificance, confidence intervals, and regression Choosing the right sample size and avoiding false positives Reporting your analysis and publishing your data and source code Procedures to follow, precautions to take, and analytical software that can help Scientists: Read this concise, powerful guide to help you produce statistically sound research. Statisticians: Give this book to everyone you know. The first step toward statistics done right is Statistics Done Wrong .
She Done Him Wrong

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She Done Him Wrong Mae West, Cary Grant, Owen Moore Movie Titles: She Done Him Wrong Synopsis: Gay '90s saloonkeeper Diamond Lou shoots another woman, seduces a missionary and sings. Format: DVD Color: Black and White Rating: Not Rated Genre: Comedy Runtime: 68 Year: 1933
He Done Her Wrong

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As a favor to his brother, Toby Peters does a job for a fading Hollywood diva.
Statistics Done Wrong

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Statistics Done Wrong Binding: Paperback Publisher: Oreilly & Associates Inc Publish Date: 2015/03/16 Synopsis: "Discusses how to avoid the most common statistical errors in modern research, and perform more accurate statistical analyses"-- Language: ENGLISH Pages: 152 Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.00 x 1.00 Weight: 0.74