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This reference book outlines the horse's anatomy and physiology and how it works, for horse owners and students. The illustrations are added to by key facts and snippets of information from a leading equine veterinary surgeon.
Feeling Dressage

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While many dressage books detail the mechanics of riding and training, this book offers much more to horse people of all disciplines by presenting classical dressage as an important foundation for any horse. The author is a German dressage champion with 20 years teaching experience. In the quest to master the techniques of classical dressage, riders can forget an equally important component of successful riding - achieving the feel. Feeling Dressage describes in a systematic way how to achieve the right feeling. Detailed yet easy to understand descriptions help the rider comprehend and mentally visualise the goal and the feeling certain movements should have when performed correctly. Feeling Dressage is an important training tool, not only for the dressage enthusiast but for all riders who understand the importance of the relationship between rider and horse. The author discusses basic requirements of horse and rider, early training, advanced movements and dressage competition requirements.
Master Dressage

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A NEW Edition Revised and Expanded based on the top 25 bestselling book on Amazon which now includes chapters on ground work and rider fitness. Completely revised including new colour photographs and diagrams. Approaching Dressage from a newcomer's perspective can be a little daunting, so follow our 5 Step System and you can start mastering dressage from day one. Learn how to: RIDE more accurate tests. The chapter on accuracy covers how to ride all of the main shapes with greater balance and accuracy. Stop throwing away marks due to inaccurate shapes which make the job of your horse more difficult that it needs to be. Improve your FLUIDITY: Improve the appearance of the suppleness of your horse. Learn how to prepare your horse for each movement correctly and produce a beautiful looking test. Increase your dressage UNDERSTANDING: Understand the purpose of the movements in a dressage test, learn what the judge wants to see and what each movement is meant to demonstrate to the judge. Avoid typical rider traps, and bust some of the typical dressage myths. Your horse will thank you for it. Learn what to PRACTICE and in what order: Have you ever entered the arena to school your horse and not known what to do? Have you ever hit a major problem teaching your horse something? This section not only tells you what you should be practicing, but how to go about it, and what you should do when you get into trouble. Learn how to properly REVIEW your progress: Learn to review your progress using different tools, how to understand judge s comments and how to change your practice to improve. Guest chapters from Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, Jo Cooper, Sue Palmer MCSP and Demelza Hawes
Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul

Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul @ eBooks.com

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"A new approach to the classical methods of training dressage horses--methods that can cause the animals undue physical and emotional distress--these powerful new techniques from world-renowned horse trainer and behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones improve not only the dressage horse's performance but also its well-being. The guide employs the author's legendary TTouch method and features practical dressage-training information on topics such as relaxing the overly touchy horse, focusing the overly playful horse, improving balance and transitions, and solving problems with stage fright. In addition to the providing the tips and techniques needed to ensure that the horse relishes its role in the art of dressage, numerous case studies of the top horses, riders, and trainers Tellington-Jones has worked with in her career are also included"--
The USDF Guide to Dressage

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Whatever your primary equestrian discipline, dressage is an ideal way for you to increase your riding awareness and enhance your relationship with your horse. Providing an overview of basic techniques and a series of helpful training exercises, Jennifer O. Bryant stresses the tenets of harmonious communication between horse and rider as she guides you through the graceful movements of dressage. With suggestions on how to find qualified instructors and information on necessary equipment, this comprehensive guide will inspire you to explore this exciting and rewarding world.
101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider @ eBooks.com

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This comprehensive training manual offers expert tips and practical exercises for mastering a variety of dressage techniques.
High Voltage Test Techniques

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The second edition of High Voltage Test Techniques has been completely revised. The present revision takes into account the latest international developments in High Voltage and Measurement technology, making it an essential reference for engineers in the testing field. High Voltage Technology belongs to the traditional area of Electrical Engineering. However, this is not to say that the area has stood still. New insulating materials, computing methods and voltage levels repeatedly pose new problems or open up methods of solution; electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or components and systems also demand increased attention. The authors hope that their experience will be of use to students of Electrical Engineering confronted with High Voltage problems in their studies, in research and development and also in the testing field. Benefit from a completely revised edition Brings you up-to-date with th latest international developments in High Voltage and Measurement technology An essential reference for engineers in the testing field
Dressage Solutions

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Dressage Solutions Binding: Hardcover Publisher: Pgw Publish Date: 2014/05/13 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 208 Dimensions: 10.25 x 7.75 x 1.00 Weight: 1.85 ISBN-13: 9781570766824
Dressage Solutions

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Dressage Solutions offers advice on the correct way to introduce work on the gaits, exercises and movements, together with in-depth analysis of common problems and the ways to correct them. The author makes the point that many errors are rooted in faulty posture or aiding on the rider's part. Constant emphasis is placed on the need to be mindful of the horse's mental and physical ability to cope with what is being asked for him. Dressage Solutions takes the reader through many stages of training, from ensuring that the basic gaits are correct, through introducing the lateral exercises, developing the canter, rein-back, piaffe and passage, to a final chapter that explains some of the long-established movements of the High School. This is a journey that will provide much food for thought, and a great deal of invaluable advice, for all riders who have progress and their horse's well-being at heart.
Dressage Masters

Dressage Masters @ eBooks.com

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Insights and instruction for riders at all levels.