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Encounters of a Wayward Sailor

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From the acclaimed teller of such classic yarns as A STEADY TRADE, THE INCREDIBLE VOYAGE, and HEART OF OAK, ENCOUNTERS OF A WAYWARD SAILOR is wonderful collection of true stories from one of the great storytellers of the sea. Drawing on experiences from a lifetime at sea, Tristan Jones uses his acute powers of observation and his gift with for telling tales to transport us aboard boats struggling through savage gales, sweltering through parched calms, and sliding down the trade winds through beautiful, phosphorescent seas. With a special poignancy and his unique, wry sense of humor, Jones brings back to life people--like sailing adventurer Bill Tilman, long-distance voyager Bernard Moitessier, and pioneering woman sailor Clare Francis--as well as the places and boats lost to time. He recalls his favorite ports, his treasured cities, and his most memorable voyages.
Saga of a Wayward Sailor

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Tristan Jones was one of the most acclaimed sea-faring storytellers ever. The combative Welshman was born at sea on a ship off Tristan da Cunha. He dropped out of school at 14 to work on sailing barges, and then spent the rest of his life at sea-first in the Royal Navy, then as a delivery skipper, then as a daring adventurer. SAGA OF A WAYWARD SAILOR tells the tale of one of his most exciting adventures. Jones sails through treacherous waters aboard the Cresswell, a lifeboat converted into a sailboat, struggling to survive against impossible odds. He makes it through violent storms, arrest by the Soviet Navy, and other extraordinary experiences. Join Tristan Jones and a host of other lively and intriguing characters, as this salty and humorous tale unfolds.
Pines Wayward Pines MTI

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Pines Wayward Pines MTI Binding: Paperback Publisher: Amazon Pub Publish Date: 2015/05/05 Synopsis: Federal agent Ethan Burke encounters more than he bargains for during an investigation into missing agents when he awakens from a terrible accident and discovers that not only is his identification gone, but the behavior of the townspeople seems off. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 309 Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.50 x 1.00 Weight: 0.70

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Encounters Binding: Paperback Publisher: Sussex Academic Pr Publish Date: 2016/05/01 Synopsis: "The two essays in the volume follow a long tradition in critical discourse that turns to Art's domain as a source of inspiration, instruction, and as material for the construction of its concepts and the development of its problems. The case study of Suite Grunewald, 159+1 variations, by the artist Titus-Carmel, returns to a subject that has been eclipsed in past decades by the imperative to remember: namely, the creation of the new as an event, or rather, the event of the new as creation. This is an especially vexatious problem following, on the one hand, the massive displacement of the subject as the author and creator of its works and, on the other, the introduction of the influential Deleuzian-Bergsonian notion of the new as immanent continuity rather t...
Wayward Angel

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Bragen Alexander has spent years searching for the one whose lies about a crime could send Bragen to the gallows. But not until he encounters the fierce beauty Nichole Heatherton does finding that man become a possibility. If Nichole leads Bragen to Bodine, her ex-fianc, he promises to bring her along on a tempestuous ocean crossing. In a masquerade that leads the two on a stormy journey, they find themselves forced to wed and to acknowledge their undeniable passion for each other.

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Acclaimed novelist of The Kind One and screenwriter of such films as One False Move and The Gift, Tom Epperson brings the violence-soaked world of Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men and the heroism of Jack Schaefer's Shane together to create an iconic action thriller for the twenty-first century. Gina fell for the wrong guy. Joe came into her life promising her everything, and he gave it to her, along with a world of hell. But Gina was stronger than Joe realized. After years of suffering the terror of being married to a criminal, she took the one thing he ever gave her that she wantedher son, Luke. Then she turned the bastard in. With her husband behind bars, her father-in-law will stop at nothing for revenge. He wants his grandson back, the heir to his criminal empire. With a vast network that stretches across the country, every favor is called in to kill Gina and return Luke to his grandfather. Gina can trust no one. Even the U.S. Marshall assigned to keep Gina and Luke safe is on the payroll. So with a gun and stolen diamonds in her purse, and derelicts, the law, and hit men on her tail, Gina takes Luke and runs. Los Angeles was only supposed to be a quick stopsleep, eat, and continue runningbut then they meet Gray. He says he's a sailor, but he seems to be hiding a lot. And when the time comes, he's the only thing standing between her and the grave. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Wayward Heroes

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Published in 1952, Wayward Heroes is part of the body of works for which Laxness was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1955. It is a masterfully written tragicomedy about the oath-brothers Thorgeir and Thormod, inspired by the old Icelandic sagas Saga of the Sworn Brothers and Saga of Saint Olaf . The brothers fight for glory, raid for treasure, and seduce women against the backdrop of a new cult of Christianity. But where the old sagas depict their heroes as glorious champions, Laxness does the opposite. As Thormod avenges Thorgeir's death, he demonstrates the senselessness of violence and the endlessly cyclical nature of obsession. From the Trade Paperback edition.