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Mischief in Patagonia

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'So I began thinking again of those two white blanks on the map, of penguins and humming birds, of the pampas and of gauchos, in short, of Patagonia, a place where, one was told, the natives' heads steam when they eat marmalade.' So responded H. W. Bill' Tilman to his own realisation that the Himalaya were too high for a mountaineer now well into his fifties. He would trade extremes of altitude for the romance of the sea with, at his journey's end, mountains and glaciers at a smaller scale; and the less explored they were, the better he would like it. Within a couple of years he had progressed from sailing a 14-foot dinghy to his own 45-foot pilot cutter Mischief , readied for her deep-sea voyaging, and recruited a crew for his most ambitious of private expeditions. Well past her prime, Mischief carried Tilman, along with an ex-dairy farmer, two army officers and a retired civil servant, safely the length of the North and South Atlantic oceans , and through the notoriously difficult Magellan Strait , against strong prevailing winds, to their icy landfall in the far south of Chile . The shore party spent six weeks crossing the Patagonian ice cap , in both directions, returning to find that their vessel had suffered a broken propeller. Edging north under sail only, Mischief put into Valparaiso for repairs, and finally made it home to Lymington via the Panama Canal , for a total of 20,000 nautical miles sailed, in addition to a major exploration first' all here related with the skipper's characteristic modesty and bone-dry humour, and many photographs.

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A child is left in the care of a disturbed babysitter in one of the finest pure terror-suspense stories ever written ( The New York Times ). Bunny's parents shouldn't have brought her to New York City, but her father has an important speech to make, and her mother couldn't bear to be away from their darling nine-year-old daughter. And when her mommy and daddy leave for the speech, Bunny will stay in the hotel with a babysitter, sound asleep and perfectly safe. What could possibly go wrong? The sitter is Nell, a plain young woman from Indiana. She puts Bunny to bed and amuses herself in the other room, making prank calls and trying on Bunny's mother's jewelry. So far, all is well. But Nell's dull expression conceals madness, and something is broken inside her mind... From one of the greatest female crime writers of the mid-twentieth century, an Edgar Award winner and six-time finalist, Mischief is a fine, chilly combination of horror and suspense ( The New Yorker ).

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Imogen Waterstone has always prided herself on being a thoroughly independent young woman, but now she needs a man of implacable will and nerves of iron. That's why she invited Matthias Marshall, infamous Earl of Colchester, to her home in Upper Strickland. Who better than the legendary explorer to help her lay the perfect trap? Her scheme is simple, really: She plans to let it be known that when she inherited her uncle's collection of antiquities, she also inherited a map to a fabulous ancient treasure. She's sure that her enemy would risk financial ruin in pursuit of the mythical artifact. And to make doubly sure the scoundrel took the bait, she wants Colchester to pretend that he's out to seduce Imogene so that he, too, could get his hands on her map. Yet in all of her plotting, Imogene never anticipates Colchester's violent reaction to her request or her own electrifying reaction to him. Neither does she expect that a malevolent threat would emerge from the labyrinth of London--sinister enough to endanger her and Colchester's lives. From the Paperback edition.

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Patagonia is the ultimate landscape of the mind. Like Siberia and the Sahara, it has become a metaphor for nothingness and extremity. Its frontiers have stretched beyond the political boundaries of Argentina and Chile to encompass an evocative idea of place. A vast triangle at the southern tip of the New World, this region of barren steppes, soaring peaks and fierce winds was populated by small tribes of hunter-gatherers and roaming nomads when Ferdinand Magellan made landfall in 1520. A fat...
Paisley Mischief

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A modern-day drawing room comedy set in an exclusive men's club on Park Avenue.
White Mischief

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The riveting true story of decadence, deception, and murder among British aristocrats in colonial Kenya In 1941, with London burning in the Blitz, a group of hedonistic English nobles partied shamelessly in Kenya. Far removed from falling bombs, the wealthy elites of Happy Valley indulged in morphine, alcohol, and unrestricted sex, often with their friends' spouses. But the party turned sinister in the early hours of a January morning for Josslyn Hay, Lord Erroll, who had been enjoying the favors of the beautiful young wife of a middle-aged neighbor. Hay was found dead, a bullet in his brain. The murder shocked the close-knit community of wealthy expatriates in Nairobi and shined a harsh light on their louche lifestyle. Three decades later, author James Fox researched the slaying of Lord Erroll, an unsolved crime still sheathed in a thick cloud of rumor and innuendo. What he discovered was both unsettling and luridly compelling. White Mischief is a spellbinding true-crime classic, a tale of privileged excess and the wages of sin, and an account of one writer's determined effort to crack a cold and craven killing.
Black Mischief

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Big boss, Abel Rubai, has made himself very wealthy by honest dealing in the international money markets, but he is a man much feared in the country. Upset him and your life could be in danger. He expects to get away with every outrage he sets in motion. When tragedy strikes his family, he is shocked. This is not the way things are meant to be for the Rubais. Someone will have to pay a big price to satisfy his thirst for vengeance. He focuses his attention on the McCalls of Londiani. It is they, he claims, who have robbed him of his son. This focus does not distract him from an unfinished piece of savagery. In his usual ruthless way he has been engineering the brutal murder of a fine, much-loved doctor. Without even realising it, he has gone too far, perhaps this time sowing the seeds of his own ruin. Using Londiani as a base, a few friends and neighbours, members of a newly formed political party, realise that they must take on the Rubai machine. THey are anxious, aware that the odds are heavily against them. Only in desperation would they risk their lives in the attempt to bring the man down. Rubai rages on and decides to try a new, more deadly ploy. He hires from overseas an expert who specialises in making opponents disappear permanently. This man always achieves results and his rates are expensive, but no price could be too high if it means that once and for all Abel Rubai can be free of his tormentors. The young American gets down to business at once, confident of success.
Sexual Mischief

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Bondage Erotica. Hot and graphic bdsm. Sausony walks away from a patronizing husband and her life of affluent leisure, seeking a cure for terminal boredom, hitchhiking with anyone who'll have her. Blonde, beautiful and foolish, she has no clue what risks she takes, when she hooks up with a trucker, gets arrested for solicitation in a one-horse town and is lured by the leather and dungeon crowd in LA.