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Real Ale

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This delightful book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about real ale - from its first recorded brewing by the Sumerians 5,000 years ago through its spread to Europe via the cultivation of grains to its establishment as a British favourite. Did you know beer was buried with the Pharaohs in Egypt and used as an offering to the gods? Or that in Norse mythology, a warrior who died in battle would go to Valhalla and be entitled to drink as much beer as he wanted? Real Ale unearths all these unknown snippets and is packed with trivia that will inform and entertain. From the origins and history of brews like Bitter, originated in Burton-on-Trent due to the particular style of the water supply, and Black Beer created as a prophylactic against scurvy, this tantalising book includes accessible recipes for brewing and cooking classic beer dishes like Beef and Guinness stew and Welsh rarebit. With delicious recipes alongside little known facts, Real Ale will appeal to everyone from the avid foodie to anyone who simply savours a good pint.
Real Ale Record Book

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Real ale record book
Real Ale Record Book

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Cask ale, real ale, bitter...whatever you want to call it, it's thriving and this book is the perfect drinking companion. Written by acclaimed beer expert Adrian Tierney-Jones, this is an accessible and interactive guide to Britain's finest beers with reviews of over 150 ales and 40 perfect pubs in which to try them. The unique journal format will help you record and rate every tasting as you work your way through beers of every hue and flavour from the nine regions of the British Isles; from the malty milds of the Midlands to the sweet, fruity golds of the South-West.With guides to beer tasting and styles, plus top ten lists of essential beers for every region, this is a must-have interactive guide to the greatest pints in Britain.
Real Ale Record Book

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Real Ale Record Book Binding: Hardback Publisher: The History Press Ltd Publish Date: 2010-05-26 Pages: 124 Weight: 0.62 ISBN-13: 9780752457154 ISBN-10: 0752457152
Short History of Ale

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Short History of Ale Binding: Hardback Publisher: David Charles Publish Date: 1979-09-27 Pages: 64 Weight: 0.30 ISBN-13: 9780715378397 ISBN-10: 0715378392
Devon Real Ale Guide

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Devon Real Ale Guide Publisher: Pearson Weight: 0.40 ISBN-13: 9781852490515 ISBN-10: 1852490519
Real Ale in Bucks

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Real Ale in Bucks Binding: Paperback Publisher: CAMRA Books Publish Date: 1995-12-31 Weight: 0.49 ISBN-13: 9781852490850 ISBN-10: 1852490853
Snippets from the History of King's Bromley

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Snippets from the History of King's Bromley Binding: Paperback Publisher: Lichfield Press Publish Date: 2001-12-03 Pages: 102 Weight: 1.11 ISBN-13: 9780905985282 ISBN-10: 0905985281
The Real Ale Drinker's Almanac

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The Real Ale Drinker's Almanac Binding: Paperback Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing Publish Date: 1992-09-30 Pages: 288 Weight: 0.71 ISBN-13: 9781897784037 ISBN-10: 1897784031
Real Ale Pubs in Kent

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Real Ale Pubs in Kent Binding: Paperback Publisher: Meresborough Books Publish Date: 1987-12-31 Pages: 192 Weight: 1.11 ISBN-13: 9780948193262 ISBN-10: 0948193263