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Foreword The public market valuation of technology companies throughout the 1990s is probably one of the most interesting phenomena in recent financial history. No sector has generated more enthusiasm among investors, and no sector has created more millionaires, albeit mostly on paper. Once the bubble burst, the correction process was brutal. The price of technology companies dropped by over 70 percent on average, and a significant number of companies went out of business, while others were simply avoided by the investment community. I Tilman Pohlhausen asks a valid question: Did this downturn in valuation lead to some companies being unjustly undervalued, given their past and expected cash flows? If so, he continues, would such companies be suitable for a concept rarely heard of previously for technology companies: a buyout, possibly even financed to a high degree by debt? The idea is not new. In contrast to Europe, a number of well-financed private equity funds in the United States exclusively target the technology sector for buyouts. What is new, however, is that many more technology companies, because of their lower valuation, could become targets of buyout investors in Europe, as well. Ultimately, with his analysis of the buyout attractiveness of European technology companies, the author attempts to estimate the validity of this perception.

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The definitive guide to best practices for mastering techniques of the insider-led transition planning A must have book for business owners, key employees, and their advisors who need to be aware of the full spectrum of succession options, Buyouts provides objectives, advice, steps, and a host of examples on the full spectrum of insider-led buyouts. A road map for CPAs, it presents the parameters for many of the major industry segments, techniques for managing risk, providing retention and performance incentives for key personnel and insights into getting deals financed. Features advice and examples of insider led buyouts Essential guidance on succession options for business owners, key employees, and their advisors The 411 on selling your company for a fair price, maintaining control over the process, and realizing lifelong goals Transition planning is becoming a hot business topic as millions of business owners head into retirement. The fact is that only a limited number of privately held companies will be successfully sold to third parties. A road map for CPAs, Buyouts presents the parameters for many of the major industry segments, techniques for managing risk, providing retention and performance incentives for key personnel, as well as insights into getting deals financed.
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In der empirischen Literatur sind Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) bisher als ein weitgehend U.S.-amerikanisches Phnomen der 1980er Jahre behandelt worden. Die rasante Verbreitung in den Jahren vor der Finanzkrise hat diese Transaktionsform aber auch nach Europa und andere Kontinente gebracht. Auerdem hat sich die Interaktion der an LBOs Beteiligten in den beiden vergangenen Jahrzehnten verndert. Inwiefern haben die empirischen Erkenntnisse der 1980er Jahre nun noch Gltigkeit? Rico Baumann stellt LBOs systematisch dar und analysiert die finanziellen Charakteristika von LBO-Targets. Anschlieend ermittelt er, als Kursvernderung eintretend, die Vermgenseffekte bei LBO-Targets und die brancheninternen Effekte bei deren Wettbewerbern.
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Mit einem Geleitwort von Prof. Ulrich Hommel, Ph.D
Leveraged Buyouts

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Leveraged buyouts (LBOs) are innovative and sometimes controversial transactions. Loading a target company with the debt used to acquire it requires careful judgement, and getting the balance right between debt-load and future performance can be a demanding challenge. The financial analyst's role therefore sits at the heart of a successful leveraged buyout. It is his or her analysis of a target company and a prospective LBO which lays the foundation for a viable deal - or alerts parties to potential problems. This book assists financial analysts by explaining both the principles involved in leveraged buyouts, as well as detailing the ins and outs of putting together an industry-standard LBO analysis. Written by financial expert David Pilger, in lucid and accessible English it takes readers through: - the purpose, advantages, risks and outcomes of LBOs - the typical players in an LBO deal - step-by-step instructions on building an LBO analysis in Excel: from sources of funds, through income statements, cost structure, interest, EBITDA, cash flow, debt paydown and returns Eminently practical and authoritative, this is an indispensable guide for any finance professional or student looking to master a vital area of modern finance. By understanding the techniques and principles underlying LBO analysis, and by working through the model in this book, readers will acquire a deeper understanding of the LBO investor's perspective - and be able to use these techniques as a practitioner in the financial industry.
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A comprehensive look at the world of leveraged buyouts The private equity industry has grown dramatically over the past twenty years. Such investing requires a strong technical know-how in order to turn private investments into successful enterprises. That is why Paul Pignataro has created Leveraged Buyouts + Website: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity. Engaging and informative, this book skillfully shows how to identify a private company, takes you through the analysis behind bringing such an investment to profitabilityand further create high returns for the private equity funds. It includes an informative leveraged buyout overview, touching on everything from LBO modeling, accounting, and value creation theory to leveraged buyout concepts and mechanics. Provides an in-depth analysis of how to identify a private company, bring such an investment to profitability, and create high returns for the private equity funds Includes an informative LBO model and case study as well as private company valuation Written by Paul Pignataro, founder and CEO of the New York School of Finance If you're looking for the best way to hone your skills in this field, look no further than this book.
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Im Rahmen einer breit angelegten empirischen Untersuchung US-amerikanischer und europischer Buyouts geht Daniel Zipser dem Einfluss des Investitionsverhaltens von Fondsmanagern auf die risikoadjustierte Rendite von Buyouts nach. Anhand eines statistischen Modells kommt der Autor zu dem Ergebnis, dass Fondsmanager bei einem berangebot an Private-Equity-Kapital Transaktionen ttigen, die eine niedrigere Rendite aufweisen.
Value Creation in Leveraged Buyouts

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The academic and public discussion about Private Equity and Buyout firms and their current acquisition frenzy has once again reached a climax in recent months. The reasons are twofold: Firstly, the flexibility and sophistication of Private Equity investors, as well as the capital markets serving them, has increased dramatically over the recent years. The current availability of funds to be invested by Private Equity manag ers is enormous, estimated to be over $150 billion. Equity and debt is raised from institutional investors, pension funds and other asset managers who are keen to put their money to work in high-yielding investment areas and who continue to be highly receptive to Private Equity following a strong recent return track re cord of this asset class. Relatively cheap lending levels based on stable global economic outlook, as well as a much lower than historical level of default rates among buyouts has led banks to increase their risk appetite noticeably. Conse quently, lending banks are offering significant additional financing sources to Private Equity investor clients. The year 2005 has been a record year in the in dustry in terms of overall deal volume including 845 leveraged buyout transac tions totalling $198 billion in transaction value globally. This is in addition to a record $448 billion in leveraged loans being raised in the global capital markets. Buyout deal sizes have reached new heights with 45% of U. S.
Der Wandel der Unternehmensfhrung in Buyouts

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Private Equity hat in den vergangenen Jahren in der wirtschaftlichen, ffentlichen und wissenschaftlichen Diskussion stark an Bedeutung gewonnen. Im Vordergrund steht dabei oftmals die hohe Verschuldung im Rahmen von Buyouts. Ein Buyout hat jedoch fr das involvierte Unternehmen ber die Vernderung des Eigentmers und der - nanzierungsstruktur hinaus weitreichende Implikationen. Zur Erzielung der erwarteten Wertsteigerung erfolgen auch wesentliche Vernderungen innerhalb der Buyout- Unternehmen. Dieser Wertsteigerungshebel hat in den vergangenen Jahren bereits an Bedeutung hinzugewonnen und wird in den nchsten Jahren verstrkt Anwendungen finden. An dieser Stelle setzt die Arbeit von Frau Geidner an. Sie untersucht die Auswirk- gen eines Buyouts auf die Unternehmensfhrung mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Des- vestitionen von Konzerneinheiten. Im Rahmen eines Fhrungssystem-orientierten Rahmens trgt sie bestehende Ergebnisse strukturiert zusammen und fhrt darauf a- bauend Interviews mit 25 deutschen CEOs und CFOs von Buyout-Unternehmen. - durch gibt die Arbeit einen sehr guten, fundierten Einblick in einen Bereich, der bisher nur am Rande der wissenschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung behandelt wurde, fr die Unternehmen und deren Management in seiner Bedeutung jedoch nicht zu untersch- zen ist. Die Arbeit liefert damit wichtige Impulse fr die weitere wissenschaftliche Diskussion der Wertsteigerung in Buyouts. Ich wnsche ihr daher eine weite Verbr- tung in Wissenschaft und Praxis und freue mich auf zuknftige Forschungsarbeiten, welche die Fragestellung aufnehmen. Mnchen im November 2008 Prof. Dr. Dr.
Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions: University Edition

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Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers Sons Inc Publish Date: 2013/05/28 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 457 Dimensions: 10.25 x 7.50 x 1.00 Weight: 1.88 ISBN-13: 9781118472200