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The Passenger from Calais

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A bright, quickly moving detective story telling of the adventures which befell a mysterious lady flying from Calais through France into Italy, closely pursued by detectives. Her own quick wits, aided by those of a gallant fellow passenger, give the two officers an unlooked-for and exciting "run for their money." One hardly realized till now the dramatic possibilities of a railway train, and what an opportunity for excitement may be afforded by a join railway station for two or more roads. it is a well-planned, logical detective story of the better sort, free from cheap sensationalism and improbability, developing surely and steadily by means of exciting situations to an unforseen and satisfactory ending.
The Passenger from Calais

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Colonel Basil Annesley is all alone in his section of an express train -- until an unusual group of travelers embarks at the last minute, including a woman, an infant, and a servant. Through overheard snippets of conversation and observations about his fellow passengers behavior, the colonel gradually finds himself at the center of a beguiling mystery.
The Passenger from Calais

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A Thrilling Railway Mystery Across Europe "The crossing from Dover to Calais had been rough; a drizzling rain fell all the time, and most of the passengers had remained below. Strange to say, they were few enough, as I saw on landing. It was a Sunday in late July, and there ought to have been a strong stream setting towards Central Europe. I hardly expected to find much room in the train; not that it mattered, for my place was booked through in the Lucerne sleeping-car of the Engadine express." Arthur Griffiths, The Passenger from Calais In The Passenger from Calais by Arthur Griffiths, Colonel Basil Annesley discovers that he is the only passenger traveling on the Engadine Express. When a mysterious woman shows up last minute with a servant and an infant Colonel Basil can only wonder what she is running from and where she might be headed. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This ebook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you'll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can't wait to hear what you have to say about it.

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This is the story of the Battle of Calais, a short but bloody struggle to delay the German advance in May 1940. It is a story of uncertainty, of taut nerves, of heat, dust, raging thirst and hand-to-hand fighting in the narrow streets of the channel port now known to millions of Britons as a gateway to the Continent. The guide will take the visitor beyond the ferry terminal and hypermarkets to reveal the hidden Calais and the actions of individuals and units.
From Calais to Colditz

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From Calais to Colditz has never been published before but readers will surely agree that the wait has been worthwhile. The author was a young platoon commander when his battalion were ordered by Prime Minister Winston Churchill to defend Calais to the last man and so distract German attention from the evacuation of the BEF at Dunkirk. After an intense four day battle, the survivors were subjected to a gruelling twelve day march towards Germany. There followed incarceration in a succession of POW camps during which the author succeeded in escaping twice, both over the wire and by tunnelling, remaining at large on one occasion for twelve days. These exploits qualified him for a place in the notorious Colditz Castle, the supposed escape-proof camp. The descriptions of his colourful fellow prisoners, their captors and their extraordinary experiences are as good as any of the previous accounts and in many respects more revealing. How fortunate it is that From Calais to Colditz can now be read by a wide audience.
The Defence of Calais

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It is a tale of defeat, but when defeat is characterised by valour of a certain pitch and quality, its memory may outlast a tale of victory. And like the Burghers who came with ropes about their necks, to offer their lives that a whole people might be spared, the men who fought at Calais, and helped to save a British army, will surely be remembered. In the introduction to The Defence of Calais , Eric Linklater called it an 'interim report', a 'half-told tale'. This report, first published in 1942 as part of The Army at War Series, is comprised of the information Linklater gathered from the surviving officers and soldiers who took part in the battle. The Siege of Calais (1940) and its aftermath was for many years a subject of a heated debate over its importance in saving the British Expeditionary Force from capture; Linklater's account of the actual military decisions and actions that followed, written freshly after the events, gives an insightful perspective to that discussion.


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The ibis Calais hotel sits between the land and the sea, just 5 mins from the city center and the car ferry terminal, and 10 mins from the Channel Tunnel and our sandy beach. We offer 55 rooms with Internet access, along with a café-restaurant, a 24-hourbar for snacks and meals, a terrace and a private car park. Calais' Opal Coast is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning views across the Site des Caps headland.


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The ibis Calais Coquelles hotel is located in Coquelles on the outskirts of Calais, close to the Channel Tunnel and the Eurotunnel Cité Europe shopping mall. The hotel can be accessed by highway from the Car Ferry Terminal or from the Calais Frethun TGV/Eurostar station. The hotel is perfect for business and leisure travel and offers an air-conditioned and reasonably-priced restaurant. Family room available. Pets welcome. Free enclosed car park and WIFI, reservation service, 24-hour bar and snacks